Virtual Tour Street View | Trusted per Valentino

Virtual Tour Valentino FlagShip Store Rome

Valentino is one of those names that needs no presentation. Everybody knows his style and the firm that he created.
So, let’s move it to a graphical stage:
imagine his high quality super stylish and cutting edge creations;
set yourself into piazza di Spagna in the magical and dreamy Rome;
set it into an historical building with a candid façade and completely redesigned interiors.
if you close your eyes you can also feel Valentino’s latest fragrance as it’s being sprayed on a beautiful girl.

I know, the picture is taking shape in your mind… but I can be more helpful.

In june, indeed, I spent a morning capturing this idea, both in 360 degrees panorama and in interiors photography, to allow everybody in the world to feel this experience.
I invite you to try it.